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River Great Ouse
River Wissey
Refit July '07
Fotheringhay 1
Fotheringhay 2
3 Dogs in a Boat.

The River Wissey is a beautiful little tributary of the Great Ouse. It is quite narrow and therefore rather like being back on the canals. Wildlife is plentiful and an overnight stop here at our favourite GOBA mooring usually results in us spotting barn owls which nest close by, whilst further up the river, we almost always spot kingfishers.

Archie likes the Wissey too because there isn't too much trouble he can get into  and he loves it if we stand on top of the flood bank and throw his ball down into the meadow for him to fetch. With a steep bank to run back up again, it doesn't take too long to tire him out.

Ursula feels quite relaxed taking the tiller on the River Wissey now although I have to be close enough to take the blame if she wiggles it in the wrong direction and grounds us in the reeds.