nb Clemency
River Great Ouse
River Wissey
Refit July '07
Fotheringhay 1
Fotheringhay 2
3 Dogs in a Boat.

13/7/07 These photos show Clemency stripped down and primed ready for her new paint job.

Everything is pretty grey at the moment, but at least the rust patches have gone.

Not a boot print or paw mark in sight!

23/7/07 - That's looking a bit shinier.

That's Garry, Fox's Man-In-Charge of boat painting, standing in front of Ursula. He certainly knows what he's doing when it comes to painting boats - so much so, that I find myself leaving many of the decisions to  him as regards colour scheme etc.

Looking a bit redder too!


And with her new cratch cover too.